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Since Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, I’m giving you guys one more challenge to do. For those who aren’t familiar with my other paint outside the box challenges, long story short – I’m going to show you how to create a dope Valentine’s Day card with using only Microsoft Paint and a printer. The reason I’m doing this is to show you how you can be creative with what you have. You don’t need to purchase your Valentine’s day cards this year, you can make your own! Research has shown that people are more happy when they receive something personally made by a loved one. Make your significant other feel special this year!

Here’s the card we will be making today:

Note: If you want it to look more like the google logo, you’re going to have to download a font in this challenge. It’s quick and easy, I promise. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Choose the beige color and draw a box on your canvas to fill it with that color

First, you’re gonna want to choose the beige color from the color pallete for both color 1 and color 2. For your fill, choose ‘Solid’. Select the box shape and draw a box to cover the whole canvas with that color. Simple enough right? How’s it lookin’ so far?

Step 2: Download the font

You can skip this font if you can’t download this on the computer you’re using or if you just don’t want to. The font we’re going to use to the Google logo will be a little different from the real logo. The reason being is because Google actually created their own font and we don’t want to get copyrighted! The closest to that font is a font called ‘Futura’ . Click here to download that font.

Open the download file, select the font and click ‘Install Font’. The font should become readily available. Back to paint we go!

Step 3: Add the text ‘Google’ and update the colors to match the Google logo

Update your color 1 and color 2 to black, choose the new font that you downloaded (IF you decided to) and set the font size to 72. By default, the font will be all one color (black) so you’ll need to update the colors to match the Google logo.

G – blue, O – red, O- gold, G – blue, L – green, E – red

To create these colors, you need to select each letter individually and then select the color you need to update the letter to. See my screenshot below to get an even better idea of what I’m describing:

NOTE: Make sure you select the letter BEFORE selecting the color. And DON’T click away from the font box or you’ll have to start over. It happened to me so many times 🙁

Step 4: Add the search box

Next, you’re going to draw your search box. Update your color 1 to gray and your color 2 to white. This one is a super simple step. After you update your colors, also update the size of your outliner to size 3px so that you don’t have a really thick outline. The square should still be selected from the first step. Now, draw your search box! Try to get it as even as possible so that is it is in the center under the google logo. It should look something like this:

Step 5: Add the buttons under the search box and the search results

Another super simple step but might require a bit of reworking. Change your color 1 to white and draw to boxes under the search box. Pretty self explanatory. No need to go into further detail.

Now, add a larger box at the bottom. This is where you’re going to place your punchline:

Step 6: Add the search term and button text

Let’s add the final touches! Change the font to Arial, size 15, and color 2 to black. Type ‘Are you Google?’ and align the text to be just inside the search box.

Then, update the font to Futura (or whatever font you used for the google logo), font size 10, bold, and change your color 1 to gray.

It should look something like this:

Step 7: Add the punch line

Change the font back to Arial, font size 15, color blue. Type out ‘Because you have everything’ and position the text somewhat in the top right corner.. leave a little bit of space (see my screenshot below). Next, change your color to green and your font size to 13. Add the text ‘I’m searching for.” and position it right under the previous text. And you’re done!! Here’s how mine came out:

You can switch it up and search for whatever you want. Have fun with it! Inside jokes are the best! Let me know in the comments how you liked this challenge. And don’t forget to try these other challenges if you haven’t already. Until next time!


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