Back at it again with another Paint Outside the Box Challenge for you. If you haven’t attempted the first one and you’re up for the challenge, click here! This one is another easy one; probably wont take you more than 15 minutes. Give it a try and let me know how yours comes out! Open that Microsoft Paint app right now and let’s get to it! Here’s the card I’ll be showing you how to create:

“You Stole A Pizza My Heart”

1. Draw a Triangle

The first step is by far the simplest. Select black as your Color 1 (should actually be defaulted if you just opened the application) and draw a triangle on your canvas. Easy enough.. do I really need to go into more detail on this one?

2. Flip that bad boy upside down!

Yep, you need to flip your canvas. To do that, navigate to Rotate > Vertical (See screenshot below)

What the new image should look like:

3. Fill the triangle with yellow (mmmMmm.. cheeeeesy!)

Select the paint bucket in the Tools section and choose the color yellow from the color palette, setting it for your Color 1. Click inside the triangle to fill it with yellow. Your image should now look something like this:

4. Add some pepperoni!

I highly recommend that you make your pizza a pepperoni one. If you’re feeling creative and you want to go a little crazy and put mushrooms or onions, go for it! But for this example, I’m gonna stick to old faithful.

Select black as your Color 1 and select the Oval shape. (highlighted below)

Add about 3 circles inside the triangle, scattering them a bit.. Try to make them the same size. When you’re done, it should look something like this:

5. Add a little more

This is the hardest part, getting these half pepperonis to look right. If you know of an easier way of doing this step, please drop a comment and let me know. But here’s how I did it: I selected the ‘Curve’ shape. (highlighted below)

Then I drew a line directly on the outline of the pepperoni where I wanted to place it. I pulled outward on the left side of the line and then pulled outward on the right side without kicking away..

WHAT? lol make it make sense, Chels!

Just watch the video:

Try to do a couple more so the pizza will look full, don’t be stingy. When you’re done, it should look something like this:

6. Make the pepperonis come to life

Fill your pepperonis in with red. All you gotta do is select the paint bucket and the color red and volia! PEPPERONI!

Side Note: I spelled pepperoni so many different ways while making this post. Thank God for spell check. By the way, is the plural version of Pepperoni still Pepperoni or is it Pepperonis? #QuestionsThatNeedAnswers

Anyway, I digress.. How’s your pizza lookin? Here’s mine:

7. Add the crust

Now you’re gonna wanna choose a custom color for this. You want more of a beige color. So edit your colors and click around the brown, but scroll up a bit to get a lighter brown.

You can choose this exact color if you’d like

Select the ‘Rounded Rectangle’ shape (highlighted below) and then draw you crust on the top of you pizza:

Add a little extra detail by selecting the pencil and drawing 4 lines across the crust:


8. Add the text

Last step! Add the text – for “You Stole A” and ” My Heart” I used font Corebel, size 30. And for “PiZZA”, I used font Segoe UI Light, size 70. You can use whatever you think looks the best to you. First, place the pizza text so you get a good idea of where to place the rest.

Then place the rest of the test on the top and bottom. Try to but the close together.

Next, erase the dot above the “i” in “Pizza”, using the Eraser tool. Then select the heart shape along with whatever color you’d like your heart to be (put it in Color 2 and keep Color 1 black). Draw a lil heart to dot the i. And you’re done! Here’s how mine came out:

That was fun, wasn’t it!? Let me know how yours turned out. I’m going to start featuring them on my blog!


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