How to Create Dope Valentine’s Day Cards Using Microsoft Paint


Want to show your significant other your creative side this year for Valentine’s Day? I’m going to teach you how to create a dope Valentine’s Day card in 10 minutes using Microsoft Paint. All you’ll need is a Windows computer, a printer and some paper. That simple. Here’s what your card will look like when you’re done:

Let’s get started!

1. Choose your canvas size

Assuming you’ve already opened the application, the next thing you’ll need to do is choose a good size for your canvas. If you’re planning on printing this out on a blank stationary card, I suggest adjusting the canvas size to the same dimensions of the card you’ll be printing on. You should be able to find the dimensions on the box the cards came in. If you’re printing on computer paper, you can fold the paper however you like so any size will do just fine.

2. Select the Colors you need

You will only need 2 colors for this; I’m using pink but I think you should use whatever color your boo would like the best. The goal is to make it look like a Candy Heart. You can use any colors you want as long as you use 2 variations of the same color; one light shade and a slightly darker shade. Here are the 2 colors I chose to use ( boxed in red):

3. Select the Shape, Fill, Outline Size, and Colors for your first heart

We’re almost ready to start! Next, you need to do the following:

  • select the heart shape,
  • select ‘Watercolor’ as the fill option,
  • select 5px for outline size and
  • select your colors – Color 1 should be white and Color 2 should be your darker shade. (See screenshots below)
Select ‘Watercolor’ as your Fill
Select ‘5px’ as your outline size

4. Draw a heart on your canvas

Now you’re ready to start drawing, how exciting! Click and drag on the canvas to draw the first heart. If your heart comes out looking a lil special, just hit that delete button. Once you click away from the shape however, the shape is there to stay. If that happens and you don’t like how your heart looks, click ‘Undo’ and try again. Once you have it drawn to your liking, it should look a little something like this:

First heart looking lovely ❤

5. Update your Colors and Fill for your second heart

Now it’s time to draw the second heart. First, you’ll need to update your colors to the lighter color as the main color (Color 2) and the darker color as the outline (Color 1). Also, you will need to change your Fill to ‘Oil’. See screenshots below

6. Draw another heart about same size and slightly place it above

This is the tricky part. You want to give the illusion that the heart is somewhat 3D, so you need to draw another heart about the same size and place it slightly up and to the left of the first heart. Try not to click away from the shape so you can keep working with it because it might take a few adjustments to get it right. Here’s how mine came out:

7. Add the text

Almost done, last but not least – add the text! The wording is your choice but I suggest an inside joke, something that would show bae you really thought this through. Choose the font ‘Arial’ (‘Arial Rounded’ is even better if you have it), size 30. Break the font up word by word if you can. It will make it look so much better. Here’s how my card came out:

How did yours come out? Send me snaps!


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